Instructions for TCA Chemical Peel

TCA Chemical peel instructions


  1. To prepare for your Chemical Peel you should discontinue any Retin-A products ONE WEEK prior to procedure. This includes HC-Compound, Retinol etc... If you are using Hydroquinone you may continue.

  2. You will need to purchase (a) a gentle cleanser (Dr. Afifi suggests a Glycerin soap.) You may wash your face starting the next day and pat dry. And (b) Hydrocortisone Cream this will sooth your skin while it is peeling. Do not use any other creams or lotions unless approved by Dr. Afifi. This includes Retin A or Hydroquinone.

  3. A prescription for Famvir will be called in or given to you.  This medication is used to prevent a cold sore break out.  You will start this prescription one day PRIOR to your peel and continue for one week. (Please make sure that the medical assistant has your pharmacy infromation if you would like your prescription called in.)

  4. DO NOT PICK OR PEEL YOUR SKIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This can cause scarring. You may however trim the loose skin with clean little scissors. Again, DO NOT PICK

  5. The 1st thru the 3rd day your skin will darken and feel tight, Usually by the 4th day your skin will begin to crack then peel. process can take 7 to 10 days. (DO NOT PICK) Use your Hydrocortisone. Ice packs may sooth as well.

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