Instructions for Brachioplasty



1. Keep arms elevated on 2 pillows.

2. Limit use of arms during the first post-op week.

3. Record drain output and write daily totals down on a sheet of paper.

4. Record each drain separately.

5. Wear garment at all times except when showering.

6. May shower after you are seen by Dr. Afifi.

7. Medications :
    Vicodin 1 tablets by mouth every 4 hrs as needed for pain.
    Cipro 500mg 1 tablet 2 times daily until gone.

8. Activity:  Important to walk 4x/ day around house, after surgery. 

9. Diet: Clear liquids, advance to regular diet as tolerated.

10. Call office for: A)Temperature is 101.5 or greater
         B) Excessive drain output.
                               C) Localized swelling or fluid collection.
                               D) Redness extending from incisions.
                               E) Purulent or foul smelling drainage from incisions.

11. Any questions or concerns during business hours, call Dr. Afifi office (949) 764-7444.

12. Follow-up Appointment: Dr. Afifi wants follow up appointments at 3 weeks, 6weeks, 3 months, 9 months and yearly after the procedure. It is your responsibility to make these appointments.

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