Instructions for Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping)

      Please review our Preparing for Surgery and Medications to Avoid pages.         

    If you also have internal surgery such as correction of a deviated septum or partial inferior turbinate resection (which corrects breathing problems caused by crooked septums or enlargened turbinates respectively), you may expect to have packing in your nose right after surgery.  The significant majority of patients have NO pain with this, though they can be bothered by the inability to breath through the nose.  You can have lip moisturizer (example Chapstick, etc) so that breathing through the mouth does not dry out your lips and become uncomfortable.

    Elevate your head at least 30 degrees while resting to allow the fastest resolution of swelling.

    After the packing is removed (usually in 24 – 48 hours), some mild bleeding may be expected and you will be told to have a gauze under your nose for another day until it is no longer needed.  

     For internal work, DO NOT BLOW YOUR NOSE for a month as it may cause bleeding.

     Saline spray is allowed in the nose after packing is removed for moisture, but avoid any medicated sprays (such as Dristan) as this will constrict blood vessels and may cause complications in the postoperative period.

    For external nose reshaping involving the dorsum (such as a bump) or osteotomy (adjusting the nasal bones), you will have a splint on your nose, typically for 6 days which is then removed painlessly in the office – this decreases swelling and accelerates the healing process.  Very precise surgery allows the best and fastest healing and most patients are surprised that they don’t have the typical “black and blue” that other rhinoplasty patients report.

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