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Your facial appearance reflects your mood and allows you to express what words cannot. But if you are unsatisfied with your appearance and would like to make a change, Dr. Ghada Afifi provides transformative facial care in Newport Beach that will leave you looking younger and refreshed. Whether you want to address skin bags under your eyes or redefine your jaw, our treatments are catered to your needs and goals. 

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Renewing Facial Aesthetic with Cosmetic Treatment

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Whether due to sun damage or inherited imperfections, certain facial features can leave you looking tired even if you enjoyed a full night’s rest.

Dr. Afifi takes time to go over individual concerns with her patients and outlines an effective treatment plan that prioritizes their goals. Dr. Afifi’s compassionate approach enables her to give feedback and suggest procedures that patients may not have even considered but from which they would ultimately benefit. Our facial procedures utilize the best technology on the market to ensure both your comfort and satisfactory results.

Our facial treatments in Newport Beach include:

Eyelid Surgery – This treatment addresses dark circles, bags, excessive skin, and wrinkles. Ideal for patients who feel they always appear tired or look stern, despite feeling rested and happy. 

BOTOX and Fillers – BOTOX can address wrinkles and frown lines by freezing the underlying muscles that cause them, while fillers can improve contours, including the lips, by restoring lost facial volume

Face, Brow, and Neck Lifts – Each of these procedures targets areas that can sag or droop with age. Dr. Afifi alternately contracts and realigns skin while also removing excess fat so specific areas of your face and chin appear firm youthful. 

Chin and Cheek Implants – Implants are ideal for those who desire redefined chins and/or cheeks to revitalize their appearance by enhancing contours.

Ear and Nose Surgery – If you are unsatisfied with the proportions of your ears or nose as they relate to your face, these innovative surgeries will leave you with a more balanced facial configuration.

Whether your goal is to look younger or enjoy a natural appearance with smoother skin, our cosmetic facial treatments are designed to satisfy your aesthetic preferences while maintaining an appearance that is true to you. 

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If wrinkles or other signs of age affect your confidence, it’s never too late to rejuvenate your appearance with cosmetic facial enhancement. Dr. Afifi has earned the trust of both her patients and peers by providing consistently beautiful results. If you are interested in renewing facial aesthetics, call our office today!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most popular facial treatments?

BOTOX and other injectables continue to reign as the skin treatment on everyone’s list. The treatments are affordable, and the risks are low. Treatment can be completed quickly, and it effectively removes wrinkles, at least temporarily.

The amount of botulinum toxin used in skin treatments is low, qualifying it as safe. Most problems from the treatment stem from allergic reactions. There are no cumulative effects, and when you stop using it, the results will not reverse, although aging will continue.

Laser skin resurfacing can tighten and smooth your skin and remove brown spots or scars. A chemical peel will only treat the fine lines and rough skin.

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